Encompass implementations are the process of deploying and customizing the Encompass loan origination system (LOS) to meet the specific needs of a mortgage banking organization. This process involves configuring Encompass to work seamlessly with a company's existing systems and workflows, as well as optimizing the system to improve operational efficiency and enhance overall performance.

Encompass implementations typically begin with a discovery phase, during which the Encompass Center of Excellence (CoE) team works with the client to gather information about their business processes and identify opportunities for improvement. Once this information has been gathered, the team can begin to customize Encompass to meet the unique needs of the client, which may include configuring workflows, creating custom fields and forms, integrating with third-party systems, and developing custom applications

Throughout the implementation process, the Encompass CoE team works closely with the client to ensure that the system is configured correctly and that all customizations meet the client's specifications. Training is provided to ensure that users are familiar with the new system and that they can use it effectively to improve their workflow and productivity.

Ultimately, a successful Encompass implementation should result in a system that is tailored to the needs of the client, fully integrated with their existing systems and workflows, and optimized to provide maximum operational efficiency and performance.

Encompass Administration

Encompass administration involves the management and maintenance of the loan origination system, Encompass, which is used by mortgage banking professionals to automate and streamline the loan origination process. This includes the configuration and customization of Encompass to meet the specific needs of the business, as well as ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the system is functioning optimally. Encompass administrators are responsible for tasks such as managing user accounts, creating custom forms and templates, setting up automated workflows, and troubleshooting system issues. Effective Encompass administration is critical to the success of any mortgage banking operation that relies on this technology to drive its business processes.

Health Check

An Encompass health check is a comprehensive assessment of a mortgage banking organization’s use of the loan origination system, Encompass. The purpose of the health check is to evaluate the current state of the Encompass system and identify areas for improvement in terms of configuration, functionality, and performance. During the health check, Encompass experts will review the Encompass configuration, workflows, integrations, and data quality, and provide recommendations for optimization, best practices, and training needs. The health check is typically conducted by a team of Encompass consultants with deep expertise in the system and mortgage banking operations and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the organization. The result of an Encompass health check is a detailed report and action plan to help the organization fully leverage the power of Encompass and improve its loan origination efficiency and profitability.

Onboarding Support (Training if needed)

Onboarding of new users

The onboarding of new users or branches is a critical process for any mortgage company to ensure smooth operations and compliance. At our Encompass Center of Excellence, we offer comprehensive onboarding services to help our clients streamline the process of adding new users or branches to their Encompass loan origination system.

Our onboarding process

Our onboarding process includes a thorough assessment of the client’s needs and requirements, followed by the creation of a customized plan for the new user or branch. This plan includes training and support services to ensure that the new users are able to effectively use the Encompass system and comply with all regulatory requirements.

Ongoing Support

We also provide ongoing support and training to ensure that users remain up-to-date with the latest features and functionalities of the Encompass system. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are able to maximize the benefits of the Encompass system and achieve their business goals.

Integration services

Encompass Integration Services refer to the process of connecting Encompass with other systems, applications, and data sources used by mortgage lenders. Encompass is a powerful loan origination system, but it cannot work in isolation. To fully streamline the mortgage origination process, Encompass needs to be integrated with other systems such as CRM, LOS, POS, credit bureaus, title companies, and more.

Encompass Integration Services provide the expertise and tools necessary to seamlessly integrate Encompass with these external systems, ensuring smooth data flow, automation of tasks, and elimination of manual errors. The process of integration typically involves understanding the specific integration needs of the organization, mapping data fields and business rules between systems, testing and validating data flow, and providing ongoing support and maintenance. The result of Encompass Integration Services is a more efficient and streamlined mortgage origination process that saves time, reduces costs, and enhances customer experience.

Product development

Product development is a service where we work with our clients to build customized solutions on top of the Encompass loan origination system. Our team of experienced developers and engineers can develop custom features, integrations, and plugins to meet the unique needs of our clients. We leverage the Encompass API and SDK to ensure seamless integration and compatibility with the Encompass platform. Our product development services help our clients streamline their processes, reduce manual work, and increase efficiency, ultimately driving better business outcomes.

QA and Compliance

QA and Compliance are critical aspects of any mortgage business. Our Encompass Center of Excellence provides comprehensive QA and Compliance services to ensure that our clients meet all regulatory requirements and industry standards. Our team of experts offers a range of services to help our clients maintain compliance and avoid costly penalties, including:

Compliance reviews : Our team conducts regular reviews of client operations to identify areas of non- compliance and implement corrective actions.

Quality assurance audits : We conduct regular quality assurance audits to ensure that all loan files are complete, accurate, and in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Staff training : We provide training to our clients' staff to ensure they understand compliance requirements and are equipped to follow all guidelines.

Regulatory updates : We stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes and keep our clients informed of any updates or changes that may impact their operations.

Document management : Our team ensures that all loan documentation is complete and compliant, maintaining appropriate records and organizing them for easy retrieval

By providing these services, we help our clients maintain a high level of compliance and minimize the risk of costly fines and penalties.

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a service that provides clients with experienced resources to supplement their existing staff. Our team of Encompass experts can be utilized on a temporary or long-term basis to fill gaps in your team or support new projects. With a focus on delivering quality work within budget and on time, our staff augmentation services can help your organization increase productivity, reduce operational costs, and achieve business objectives. We have a rigorous screening process to ensure that our staff members possess the required skills, experience, and cultural fit.

Managed Services

Our Encompass Managed Services offering provides end- to-end support and management of the Encompass Loan Origination System. We provide comprehensive monitoring, management, and maintenance of the Encompass system to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and security. Our team of Encompass experts will proactively identify and resolve issues before they impact business operations, freeing up your internal resources to focus on core business activities.
Some examples of our Managed Services include:

System Monitoring : We provide 24/7 monitoring of your Encompass system to ensure optimal performance and uptime.

System Maintenance : We proactively manage and maintain your Encompass system to ensure it is up- to-date with the latest security patches, updates, and enhancements.

Incident Management : We provide incident management services to quickly identify and resolve issues that arise with your Encompass system.

Problem Management : We provide problem management services to identify and resolve recurring issues that impact system performance and reliability.

Change Management : We provide change management services to ensure that changes to your Encompass system are properly planned, tested, and implemented.

User Support : We provide user support services to help your employees troubleshoot issues with the Encompass system and ensure they are using the system effectively.

Reporting and Analytics : We provide reporting and analytics services to help you gain insights into Encompass system usage and performance.

Our Managed Services offering is customizable to meet the unique needs of your organization. We work closely with you to understand your business objectives and tailor our services to align with your goals.