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Data Analytics

We assist organizations in increasing productivity, maximizing profits, and making strategically sound

Data Analytics

We assist organizations in increasing productivity, maximizing profits, and making strategically sound


Data Analytics

To build resilience, we help clients ingest, collect, curate and deliver essential business data. Using a holistic, integrated approach, we optimize the journey from data intake to actionable insight by combining our consulting, data engineering and advanced analytics capabilities.

Services offered by Dminds

Financial analytics

Dminds provides insight into organizations’ financial status and enhances the profitability, cash flow, and value of the business by assisting businesses in understanding our clients’ top- and bottom-line, measuring and managing their assets, and forecasting variations within the organizations and industries in which they compete.

Customer analytics

It can be used by businesses to improve brand positioning, direct marketing, and customer relationship management. With the use of Dminds' accurate analysis, one can give customers a better experience and encourage brand loyalty. We help you know your customers' patterns which are crucial, and a sound customer analytics strategy may help you forecast their behavior.

Sales and product analytics

We make sales analytics easy by making user engagement and behavior data tracking, visualization, and analysis possible for product teams. Through our product analysis, we offer advice on how to focus on certain products, where to sell them, and how to best contact clients.

Asset analytics

An effective asset management system allows your organization to have an overview of the company’s assets and ensures that they are being used in the most efficient manner possible. Dminds Asset Management Analytics can provide your firm with a thorough analysis and a breakdown of the metrics that are crucial to you are what businesses need.

HR analytics

HR analytics intends to help managers better manage their workforces and accomplish organizational objectives. Dminds uses employee data to assist businesses in making better decisions, particularly with regard to luring, selecting, and keeping talented workers.

Manufacturing analytics

It was created to address the issue of excessively costly, out-of-date traditional software. Dminds is designed specifically to provide excellent analytics, floor visibility, and assistance to manufacturers.

Healthcare analytics

Analytics in healthcare might be useful for everyday patient care as well. Many businesses are utilizing linked technologies to give clinicians real-time data on a patient's critical health parameters as part of the expanding field of digital health in the healthcare industry.

Analytics in healthcare

Analytics in healthcare are essential for reducing costs and assisting physicians in providing high-quality, individualized treatment for patients. Healthcare analytics by themselves, however, won't lead to changes in treatment. Healthcare companies can be empowered by Dminds to make their data more useful.

Data Analytic Benefits

Proactivity & Anticipating Needs : Dminds helps in anticipating customer wants. This gives the business a real chance to build trusting, long-lasting relationships with happy clients.

Mitigating Risk & Fraud : All organizations are concerned about fraud, and there are more hazards than ever that firms need to be aware of in today's market. Therefore, businesses of all sizes must be aware of the dangers they face and ensure that they have the necessary safeguards in place to guard against the possibility of illegal activity.

Clear Framework : With appropriate policies in place, Dminds offer a clear framework that is continually evaluated and modified when new threats materialize.

Personalization & Service : Organizations are searching for methods to enhance the consumer experience in our modern environment, and they are evolving their marketing strategies to become even more digital, targeted, precise, and personalized.

Client Data : Dminds uses client data at the most granular level in order to adapt to shifting consumer perceptions and market situations.

Optimizing & Improving the Customer Experience : Business executives all around the world are becoming aware of the value and competitive advantage that come with providing a fantastic customer experience. Dminds supports organizations match their business goals and drive persistence and retention.